Ed Miliband meets 'Milifandom' leader Abby Tomlinson outside parliament

Pair were spotted taking selfies

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Ed Miliband has met his biggest fan and founder of the ‘Milifandom’ Abby Tomlinson.

The former Labour leader, who resigned following his party’s defeat at the May election, met Tomlinson outside parliament today for lunch.

The two tweeted about seeing one another. 

Tomlinson, the 17-year-old activist from Lancashire, came to public attention after she publicised the online campaign – known as ‘Milifandom’ – celebrating the “brilliance” of Ed Miliband.

The MP for Doncaster North has expressed his support for Tomlinson, as well as his bemusement over the fan-club, in the past. The 45-year-old former leader has taken a back-seat in recent weeks as Labour leadership hopefuls clash over the future of the party.


Meanwhile, Tomlinson has gone on to write for the Guardian and has appeared on various political television shows to push for the lowering of the national voting age.

Strolling around Parliament today, the pair were (unsurprisingly) spotted taking selfies – much to the apparent delight of social media users.