Ed Miliband speech receives a Pet Shop Boys remix focusing on 'together'

The Labour party leader used the word an impressive 44 times during his conference speech

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He may have forgotten to mention the UK’s financial deficit in his Labour party conference speech yesterday (23 September), but Ed Miliband did remember to use the word "together" a lot – on 44 occasions to be precise.

While he was busy talking about his key goals to build a “world class Britain”, a time-rich BBC mastermind was busy creating the Pet Shop Boys remix – mixing some of Miliband’s many "togethers" with the band’s famed "Go West" track.

The clip also highlights just how many times the Labour leader likes to gesticulate at the same time as he says "together" – it’s almost like an involuntary, complementing dance move, a political boy band solo if you will.

Of course the reason for Miliband’s new buzzword (also adopted by Barack Obama in his Together We Can campaign speech 2012) is to show unity and a way of differentiating Labour from the Conservatives who represent "wealth and privilege", as he said, while his own party focuses on "hard work, fairly paid".

His speech was met with mixed reviews – he received two standing ovations over his pledge to inject £2.5billion into the NHS by 2020, but George Osborne was quick to point out Miliband’s economy omission on Twitter.

The BBC reports that in total the Labour leader received 70 rounds of applause, 15 laughs, 13 cheers and five standing ovations.