Ed Miliband's Milifandom horrified after former Labour leader is mistaken for Nick Clegg

Suffice to say 'Milifandom' is still very active on social media

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Poor Ed Miliband. Not only did he lose the election and the leadership of his party, he’s now being mistaken for former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.

The former Labour leader, 45, tweeted last night: “Walk onto Holborn tube escalator. Man shouts ‘oh my god it’s Nick Clegg’ … Hmmm not exactly”.

Fortunately the MP for Doncaster North has one powerful tool online: the terrifying ‘Milifandom’.

The former leader’s tweet – and subsequent reaction – comes following his meeting with the movement’s Milifandom leader Abby Tomlinson outside parliament yesterday. Tomlinson yesterday described the meeting as “one of the best moments of my life”.

On last night’s case of mistaken identity Tomlinson had some sage advice for some of Miliband’s more extreme fans, such as the one below:

She warned: “Ed does actually read replies to his tweets. Reply with care, people, reply with care”.

These tweets suggest they might not be listening.