Ed Sheeran says his opinion is the only one that matters after fans complain about singer's new lion tattoo

Even Tom from Keane weighed in on 'LionTattooGate'

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Ed Sheeran has built a loyal and passionate fanbase off the back of his crooning songs and innocent looking face, but his emotionally fine-tuned fans are divided over the giant tattoo of a lion the singer got inked on his chest this week.

Sheeran Instagrammed the progress with the caption 'Halfway and ouch', showing the full-colour animal lodged right between his nipples.

He told the BBC he got the ink to commemorate his three sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium:

“Originally I was going to get the floor plan tattooed on my side, but that seemed a  bit ridiculous," he said, although given he has a tattoo of a ketchup bottle who knows what is or isn't ridiculous when it comes to tattoos.

A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

The far more pragmatic design has upset several fans, who have tweeted to express their torn feelings:

But it wasn’t just fans who were scratching their heads. Keane’s frontman Tom Chaplin aired his thoughts, too, tweeting: "Please tell me this is a prank. Cos if it isn’t, @edsheeran has a really bad picture of a lion on his chest FOREVER."

Sheeran responded with some typically wise advice. “I like it, and that’s the only opinion that matters”.

Well that’s the end of that then.