Elton John falls off chair, entertains thousands

A crowd of tennis fans at the Royal Albert Hall in London yesterday witnessed arguably one of the musician's finest ever performances

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Oh, to be talented enough to move an entire audience simply by the misplacing of a single buttock.

That’s exactly what happened to a crowd of tennis fans at the Royal Albert Hall in London yesterday, when they witnessed arguably one of Sir Elton John’s finest ever performances.


The “Tiny Dancer” singer spectacularly fell off his chair at the event, set the launch the new International Tennis Premier League.

But the incident somewhat overshadowed the true meaning of the occasion, hosted by Sir Elton and legendary tennis player and LGBT activist Billie Jean King.

And, thanks to one handy fan with a camera phone, it quickly meandered into viral vine territory.

The ordeal comes just over a month after Sir Elton branded The Pope his “hero” during his speech at his annual AIDS benefit in New York.


“He is a compassionate, loving man who wants everybody to be included in the love of God,” he said, praising Paul Francis for pushing for an acceptance of homosexuality within the Catholic church.

“It is formidable what he is trying to do against many, many people in the church.

“He is courageous and he is fearless, and that's what we need in the world today.”

“Make this man a saint now, OK?”

No, make Sir Elton a saint. That chair stunt was divine.