Emma Stone’s dead grandfather leaves her random quarters around the house. Apparently.

She also never met her late relative, but no matter

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Emma Stone is being haunted by her late grandfather.

Apparently, her relative refuses to be forgotten, leaving the actress random quarters for her to find around the house.

Pretty kindly of him, considering that she has never met him either.

But she’s deadly serious about it all, she told David Letterman on The Letterman Show.

“Well there’s a long family history with quarters,” she said, completely deadpan. “My grandfather leaves quarters. It’s just amazing. It is absolutely him.”

Letterman probes for “tangible information” to back up her tale of the supernatural, but Stone says "it’s really long story" and we should just take her word for it.

“But it’s him, you guys it’s him,” she says desperately.

Letterman vainly clings to his scientific values.

“But it’s never been proven,” he states.

Then comes a true Emma Stone jewel; ghosts are the spiritual equivalent of magical ectoplasm. Of course.

“But that’s the joy of it,” she says. “It’s not a logical thing; it’s magical. It’s like ectoplasm. It’s a milky substance… That indicates someone has been there.”