Enrique Iglesias arrested in Miami and charged with driving with a suspended license

Singer allegedly swapped seats with his passenger

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Enrique Iglesias has been arrested for allegedly driving with a suspended license after being pulled over during a routine traffic stop.

The Hero singer is facing misdemeanour charges of obstruction without violence and driving with a suspended license after being pulled over in Miami-Dade County, in Florida, according to a report by NBC.

Iglesias, 40, was stopped by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) after he was allegedly spotted driving a Cadillac Escalade in a closed express lane in May.

The FHP alleges Iglesias was driving the vehicle and jumped from the driver’s seat into the back of the car, while the passenger moved into the driver’s seat. Lt. Julio Pajon told NBC: "It was Mr. Iglesias that was the initial driver, yes.”

His co-passenger in the vehicle has been charged with obstruction without violence.

Iglesias is recovering from surgery on his hand after grabbing a drone during a live performance in Mexico. He has pleaded not guilty to all misdemeanour charges and is due to appear in court on 10 July.