Eoin Morgan blackmail: Cricketer's ex-girlfriend Brooke Tsakirakis says partner Nick Emery's ploy for £35,000 has 'ruined my life'

Tsakirakis has now split from boyfriend Nick Emery who tried to blackmail Morgan

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Brooke Tsakirakis, the ex-girlfriend of cricketer Eoin Morgan and the apparent catalyst for a blackmail plot that saw the captain threatened for a total of £35,000, has said the situation has “ruined” her life.

Tsakirakis, who had a brief relationship with Morgan five years ago, said she had no idea that her partner Nick Emery had emailed the England and Wales Cricket Board demanding the money.

“My life is ruined because of a relationship I had five years ago,” she told the Herald Sun, adding that she felt “gutted”.


Emery had demanded to be delivered £35,000 “before the first ball” of England’s one day international against Australia and threatened to release “sexual” images of Tsakirakis and Morgan if his demand was not met. He claimed to have found after she used his computer to back up her phone.

Within 24 hours the source of the email had been traced to Hobart, Australia.

Ms Tsakirakis told the Hobart Mercury that she had not backed up her phone to Emery’s computer, and that he had “unlawfully” gained the information. She has also said her relationship with Emery is now over.

The mother-of-two told the paper she “felt” for Morgan and his partner, Tara Ridgeway, adding that they all three were innocent parties, and that she wished everyone well and “to move on”.