European Engineers

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The following have been awarded the qualification European Engineer by the British National Council for International Engineering Affairs, entitling them to use the letters Eur Ing as a prefix to their names:

BJ Abbott; M. Abdioskoui; P. Adams; S. Ahmed; C. Austin; TN Billson; PN Blair; DH Borrman; H. Boyes; D. Brewer; RAP Bruce; R. Bruin; DR Bull; EF Clark; T. Coates; A. Cook; P. Dawson; R. Dickson; A. Dodd; AB Downie; TP Duke; N. Duncan; J. Dunsmore; G. Easdown; J. Eastment; C. Ellison; J. Felstead; S. Frost; R. Gascoigne; F. Geraghty; S. Germain; M. Glover; D. Gray; M. Green; P. Hanlon; PN Harwood; G. Hayward; J. Hill; P. Hobday; T. Hope; DW Horne; M. Johnson; CAL Jones; H. Kaveh-Ahangari; M. Keen; A. Leonard; S. Lucas; IL Martinez; R. Mathers; IF McGrath; D. Meads; P. Mitchell; B. Oberoi; MJ Openshaw; D. Ormston; JL Ottewell; JD Owen; L. Palmer; M. Pascal; G. Phillips; C. Powers; PS McKay Ramsey; G. Randell; GC Robertson; PM Ryan; T. Scofield; L. Seale; J. Seed; M. Sellers; F. Shahrokni; CW Smith; HN Snowden; G. Spencer; R. Sutton; J. Swanson; S. Walker; H. Walker; JP Whelan; J. Whitehorn; A. Wilcock; A. Williams; GE Willis; G. Yardy; E. Zammit; TMA Ziad.


Lord Tebbit, to be President of the Air League.