Eva Longoria slams short-sighted article claiming she doesn't need reading glasses in heartfelt open letter

The actress made a right spectacle of the journalist who got her facts wrong

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Celebrities love writing an open letter, and Eva Longoria is no exception. But instead of drawing attention to big, global issues, Longoria has spoken up to assure people she has terrible eyesight.

Longoria was accused by a journalist from the Sydney Morning Herald of ‘faking’ bad eyesight in a lucrative job as the face (or at the very least, the eyes) of a new Specsavers campaign.

'I was really upset because I never endorse anything that I don't authentically believe in. I'm very selective,” she said. 'It was the rudest, meanest article.'

Longoria’s open letter is a refreshing change from the norm. Open letters are typically reserved for big global issues – Stephen Hawking recently wrote one about robots taking over and enslaving humanity, for example – so it comes as light relief to know the Desperate Housewives actress has far from flawless eyesight.

Longoria slammed the short-sighted article, claiming that if they’d done their research they would have known she often wears glasses.

The actress was happy to point out several instances she wore glasses – like the time she spoke in Congress – and in doing so made a right spectacle of the Australian journalist for not doing her research.

“The reason your lazy journalist research of ‘Googling’ didn’t turn up more pictures of me on the ‘red carpet’ is because I don’t need glasses to see far, only to READ. So unless you are in bed with me at night, or in the morning at my breakfast table reading the morning newspaper, then you probably won’t find a ‘paparazzi’ shot of me. And sorry I haven’t worn glasses on a ‘red carpet’ Jenna but shockingly I am not usually READING a book on the red carpet!”

Longoria finished by saying that perhaps the journalist in question might need glasses.

“In that case, @SpecsaversAustralia has some awesome, stylish glasses available!” she helpfully explained. “I recommend the Collette Dinnigan collection!”

It comes after Longoria was criticised for landing a campaign with a cat food brand, despite admitting she didn’t actually own a cat.

“I always found that I identified with them. Cats are feminine and independent and playful, much like a woman,” she told People at the time.