Everything you need to know about the future Mr Stephen Fry, Elliott Spencer

Your cribsheet for 27-year-old stand-up comic

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Fry tweeted that he's "very very happy" to be getting married to Spencer, but his public profile has been pretty low - until now.

He's famous for being 57-year-old Stephen Fry's soon-to-be husband, but Elliott Spencer, 27, needn't lurk in the shadows.

The comedian and writer from Swanwick, Hampshire, is a culture buff, and tweeted from the Hobbit premiere, a Morrissey gig, the Constable exhibition at the Victoria & Albert and a Chopin recital.

His Twitter feed also attests to a healthy gym habit.

Hi mother Melinda, 52, and property-developer father Robert, 57, are "over the moon" at the prospect of actor Fry joining the family.

The relationship has its downsides, though.

Spencer has since been banned from driving after speeding at 101 miles per hour in a £130,000 Aston Martin when Fry was late for the Hay Festival last year. Fry told Spencer to "get a move on", a court heard on Wednesday.