Ex-baseballer Jose Canseco ‘to live as a woman for a week’ in an attempt to show solidarity for Caitlyn Jenner

But critics point out that his attempt at empathy is problematic

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Since debuting on the cover of Vanity Fair earlier this year, Caitlyn Jenner has been hailed as an inspiration for talking openly about her transition, but some of her support has been a bit more unusual.

Ex major-league baseball player Jose Canseco has announced he will be ‘living as a woman for a week’ by dressing up as a woman, putting on make-up and getting his hair done.

He admitted he didn’t fully understand Jenner’s transition at first, but says he’s had a change of heart.

"In the very beginning, I didn’t understand [Caitlyn's transition], so I was kind of like, against it,” said Canseco. “Once I watched it more and more, and realized what it really entailed, what he was going through, I started supporting [her].”

"Once it’s completely done, I will be dressing up and living as a woman for a week,” he told the New York Daily News. “I’m talking about full everything."

Canseco will be documenting his venture in a new Internet reality show called Spend A Day With Jose, but many people were quick to point out that wearing women’s clothes did not equate to understanding the struggle of transitioning.

Canseco added that he will be taking the whole thing seriously, but one question remains: if a former baseballer player does something to get attention, but nobody subscribes to his new Youtube channel, does he even make a noise?