Famous woman wins court injunction to stop details of her affair with high profile married man being leaked by lover

The woman started legal action to obtain the gagging order under the Human Rights Act after her partner threatened to publish her diary

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A high profile celebrity woman, who has been described as a “figure of trust”, has been granted a court injunction to prevent her lover from leaking details of her affair with a famous married man to the press.

The woman, named only as CHS, started legal action to obtain the gagging order under the Human Rights Act after her partner discovered she had been adulterous by reading her diary.

The boyfriend took photographs of the “intimate” entries describing her second relationship with a “very high profile” married man, named as Mr Y, the Mail Online reports.

Her partner confronted her about the affair and, following a heated argument, he agreed to delete the images of her diary providing she delete Mr Y’s contact details from her iPhone and iPad. However, he discovered she still had the details a few weeks later, and threatened to expose her affair.

The events led CHS to seek a High Court ban on the publication of the diary entries, in a case held in Manchester.

Judge David Hodge QC granted her an interim injunction.


“It is said that the potential damage which could be done, both to the claimant, as a public figure of trust, and to Mr Y, as a public figure who is married to someone else, is enormous,” the judge said.

“The claimant believes that if the documents stolen from her were shared in the public domain, both she and Mr Y would be irreparably damaged, and there would be enormous financial repercussions for both of them. Mr Y is said to be unaware of the present situation.”

He added that the motivation for the publication was malicious. The hearing, he said, was allowed to go ahead without her partner being present over fears he would rush publish the diary entries before it was possible for her to gain the injunction.