Fifi Geldof on depression after Robin Williams suicide: 'I wear a permanent mask so I won’t be judged for how I actually feel'

The elder sister of Peaches Geldof said that Robin Williams has encouraged her to be more open about her own mental health issues

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Fifi Geldof, the elder sister of the late socialite Peaches Geldof, said that the suicide of Robin Williams has encouraged her to be more open about her own battle with depression.

The PR worker posted a picture tribute to the actor after he was found dead in his home in California on Monday (11 August).

“Makes me so sad that he had the world crying with laughter whilst drowning in his own tears,” she captioned the image.

“I think this has prompted me to want to speak out publicly about my own depression which I’ve suffered from for years… just in a feeble attempt to bring some more awareness and understanding to something that oughtn’t be surrounded by such stigma.”

She uploaded a second post this week, in which she cited the death of her sister, Peaches, as one of the circumstances that has led to her worsening mental health.


“I wear a permanent mask so I won’t be judged for feeling how I actually feel,” she wrote.

“You can’t escape it – it just simmers under the surface when it’s not hitting you full whack. Which, for obvious reasons, it has done for me in the last few months – people wouldn’t have the first clue.”

A full inquest into the death of Peaches Geldof, who was found slumped dead on a bed at her family home in Kent after taking a heroin overdose in April, took place in July.

“I found her in the spare bedroom. We both used it when the kids were sleeping,” her husband, Thomas Cohen, told the Coroner, as he gave evidence about the socialite's past drug use.

He also confirmed that Geldof had been seeking treatment for a drugs problem over the past two years, and said that she was undergoing weekly drugs tests. He said Geldof always informed him that they had been clear.

Fifi Geldof was forced to defend her sister after an onslaught of negative comments criticising the late socialite's parenting skills followed the inquest.

According to The Sun, her 31-year-old sister, Fifi, reacted by sharing a picture on her Instagram page, which read: “Don’t keep calm and f*** this. F*** that. F*** you. F*** off.”

She added: “Sums it up nicely about how I’m feeling about the viciousness today. Maybe now she’ll be allowed to RIP.”

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An Instagram user then commented on the image: “Think people are more annoyed at how she portrayed her life for her kids but was selfish to use drugs in front of them. Selfish and sad. Poor boys.”

 “You’ve no idea what you’re talking about quite frankly,” responded Geldof. “Yet another who has bought into the bulls***.”