Ford Nation: Rob Ford launches own Youtube channel

Embattled Toronto Mayor promises viewers 'get to know the Mayor the whole world is talking about'

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford launched his new YouTube channel Ford Nation, explaining he lied about his drug use because he was “embarrassed” and “didn’t want to tell the truth”.

Joined by his brother Doug Ford, the larger than life Mayor promises to answer questions from around the world, as well as speaking on sport and politics in four videos released last Monday.

In the clip titled "Rob Ford Comes Clean", Doug reads a question from "Sandra in Bangkok" asking about his drug use, but not before making the observation:  "We have some vicious media in this city".

"I do not have a substance abuse problem," Ford answers, continuing: "Did I experiment with drugs? Yes I have. Why did I lie? I think everyone in the world would lie. Because I was embarrassed, I didn't want to tell the truth. That's the only answer I could give."

He finishes by saying: "When they ask me it's very very humiliating in front of the world to say yes."

No stranger to any kind of controversy, Ford appeared on the international scene in November last year after a video appeared to show to him taking illegal drugs. He later admitted to smoking crack cocaine in a 'drunken stupor'.

Each week brought fresh scandal as one would-be political catastrophe after the other crawled out of the woodwork.

A video appeared to show him threatening to murder someone, he was then sued by his sister's ex-boyfriend for allegedly having him beaten up to prevent him exposing his 'illicit behaviours', and there was the video of him ranting in a heavy Jamaican accent.

Alongside these scandals, three former staffers and a waiter all accused him of sexually harassing a staff member, drink-driving and consorting with prostitutes.

Unbelievably, Ford's popularity held at 42 per cent throughout the scandals back in November, making Ford more popular with his electorate than either Cameron or Obama at the time.

It seems despite every effort, Ford may be around for a bit longer and as unrepentant as ever - Doug ends the clip by stating: "I think you came clean Rob, and I think if we dug into every single politicians background around the world folks, I think you'd get an real eye-opener."