Frank Bruno learning the tricks of the trade - as a hairdresser

The former heavyweight champion said that it might be a few years before he has perfected the blow dry

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He’s best known for his prowess in the boxing ring – but Frank Bruno has revealed that he is trying his hand at a rather different profession: hairdressing.

The 52-year-old WBC former heavyweight boxing world champion revealed last week that he is learning a new trade.

He tweeted on Friday: “Another busy week. [On] Alan Titchmarsh ITV yesterday I revealed I'm learning hairdressing. Any ideas for salons name? It will be few years yet (sic).”

A statement on his website said: “Frank accepts that as he gets older, the memory of his celebrity status will start to fade.

“Being someone who wants to keep busy all the time, he has decided to learn a trade.”

It added that a good friend of Bruno’s owns salons and advised him of the pitfalls.

“But as Frank said: ‘In the same way people eat and drink, they all need a haircut’,” the statement continued.

Bruno, who retired in 1996, has had a varied CV outside of his boxing career. In 1995, he released a cover version of Eye of the Tiger, which reached number 28 in the UK charts and he completed the London Marathon in 2011.

And in 2013, he appeared in the BBC Three documentary Rachel Bruno: My Dad and Me, in which he spoke candidly about suffering from bipolar affective disorder.