Frankie Boyle in support of Nicola Sturgeon: Comedian dismisses 'Fifty Shades of Grey version' of female liberation

The comedian has argued that people react with 'muted horror' at female political leaders

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Frankie Boyle has come out in support of Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon, saying that the English media can't handle a female party leader.

Writing in the Guardian in support of Sturgeon's policy about retirement, Boyle argued: "There is still a note of muted horror in the English media about women leading political parties.

"People feel much more comfortable with the Fifty Shades of Grey version of women’s liberation: possibly feeling life would be much simpler if the suffragettes hadn’t wanted the vote and just really enjoyed chaining themselves to railings."


Boyle argues that Sturgeon, who won public approval after a strong performance at the Leaders' Debate, is not yet being taken entirely seriously by the male-dominated, London-centric political and media elite.

"It feels almost as if the establishment is still assessing her. Which of the traditional tactics to employ: scorn or vilification? Do you call her the most dangerous woman in Britain or stage a smear where she’s a gossipy woman? Decisions, decisions."

Boyle is an outspoken critic of right-wing politicians, and once called Nigel Farage a "c**t" in an argument about whether comedy was too left-leaning.

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