Fulbright Commission

The US-UK Fulbright Commission has awarded scholarships for study in the United States during 1994 / 95 to the following British postgraduate students:

J. Barabino (Cambridge University), Harvard University, Business Administration; A. Bolt (Oxford University and Guildhall School), Indiana University, Music; R. Boyle (Goldsmiths' College, London), Yale University, Musicology; F. Buckland (Loughborough and Sheffield Universities), New York University, Performance Studies; M. Bunton (Universities of British Columbia and Oxford), Harvard University, Middle Eastern History; I. Corbett (Anglia Polytechnic University), Indiana University, Music.

C. D'Souza (University College London), Harvard University, Law; S. Gracie (Oxford University), New York University, American Literature; T. Hadfield (Cambridge University), University of California, Berkeley, Mathematics; J. Hale (Bath University), University of Pennsylvania, Architecture; C. Hemmings (York University), Five College Women's Research Group, Feminist Theory; S. Hollis (Cambridge and Sussex Universities), New School for Social Research, New York, Political Theory; M. Hoyle (Cambridge University), University of California, Santa Cruz, Mathematics; G.

Milner-Moore (Oxford University and York College of Law), Harvard University, Law; M. Neal (Loughborough University), Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University, Aircraft Control; J. Nicolson (Oxford University), JFK School of Government, Harvard University, Public Policy; M. Papadopoulos (Cambridge University), Harvard University, Neuroscience; C. Pates (University of West of England, Bristol), New York Academy of Art, Fine Art; S. Pattani (Staffordshire University), Ohio State University, Glass Design; L. Pitt (Cambridge University) Harvard University, Business Administration; J. Polonsky (Oxford University), American Film Institute, Los Angeles, Film; KL Thomas (Oxford University), Cornell University, English; K. Wittering (Oxford University), Cornell University, Modern History.

Special Distinction Award: D. Howie (Oxford University), University of Pennsylvania, Sociology of Science. Fulbright-Bovis Award: E. Aston (Victoria University and College of Law), University of Pennsylvania, Law/Construction. Fulbright-

British-American Chamber of Commerce Award: J. Gisby (Oxford University), Harvard University, Business Administration. Stephen Selway Memorial Award: S. Ruhuja (Oxford University), Stanford University, Business Administration.

Fulbright-Calvin Klein-Harvey Nichols Award: J. Moleta (Middlesex University), Parsons School of Design, New York, Fashion Design. Fulbright- United Airlines Awards: X. Arthurs (Royal Northern College of Music), Indiana University, Music; B. Connor (University College London), University of New Mexico, Anthropology; C. Kiver (Trinity College of Music, London), Florida State University, Choral Conducting; R. Mackenzie (St Andrews University), Johns Hopkins University, Art History; K. Evenden (Middlesex University), Louisiana State University, Music; G. Fraser (Heriot Watt University), University of Arizona, Chemistry; I. Gorman (Plymouth University), Texas Technical University, Sedimentology; O. Hajioff (Royal Northern College of Music), University of Maryland, Music; SK Jacobson (Dundee University, University College, London), Harvard University, Medicine; S. Kerr (Ulster University), Art Institute of Chicago, Film, Time Arts; T. Kingston (Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, London), Boston University, Zoology; M. Rose (Oxford University), John Hopkins University, International Relations; D. Wain (University of Wales, Aberystwyth), University of California, San Diego, Playwriting.