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The US-UK Fulbright Commission has announced the following awards for postgraduate study in the US during the 1992/3 academic year to British graduate students:

R. Bagchi (London School of Economics) - Harvard University, Law; P. Baldwin (Cambridge University) - Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Business Administration; M. Brown (Oxford University) - Stanford University, Zoology; W. Cahn (London University, Cambridge University) - Harvard University, Business Administration; S. Duckett (Oxford University) - Harvard University, Business Administration; J. Eden (Exeter University) - Yale University, Drama; N. Fulop (Bristol Univ ersity) - Harvard University, Public Health; P. Gillespie (Edinburgh University) - Stanford University, Petroleum Engineering; L. Gould (Royal Academy of Music) - Indiana University, Violin Performance; R. Grimley (Surrey Un iversity, Cambridge University) - Georgetown University, International Affairs; M Harris (Oxford University) - Harvard University, Politics, Philosophy and Economics; P. Harris (Exeter University) - University of California at Berkeley, Law; K. Hills (Exeter University) - New York University, Publishing; J. Knight (Royal Academy of Music) - Juilliard School, Cello; A. Lavery (Cambridge University) - Cornell Univ ersity, Astrophysics; S. Ling (Oxford University) - Stanford University, History; R. McMillan (Oxford University) - Stanford University, Economics; F. McNeill (London University, Nottingham University) - Columbia Univers ity, Comparative Literature; D. Mills (Oxford University) - University of Florida, Development Anthropology; F. Montgomery (Exeter University) - University of Kansas, Accountancy; K. Murphy (Cambridge University), Univ ersity of Pennsylvania, Computer Science; D. Palliser (Glasgow University) - Harvard Univ ersity, Immunology; B. Robson (Guildhall School) - Juilliard School, Clarinet; R. Samuels (Leeds University and Sussex University) - Rutgers; J. Sleeman (Cambridge University) - University of Tennessee, Veterinary Science; R. Smart (Loughborough College of Art and Design) - University of New Mexico, Fine Art Printmaking; A. Solanke (Sheffield University) - UCLA, Screenwriting; R. Spencer (London University) - Harvard University, Business Administration; J. Steele (Glasgow University)- Yale University, Public International Law; M. Storey (Royal Academy of Music) - New England Conservatory, Cello; M. Taylor (Southampton University) - Huntington Library, California, International Relations; A. Vine (Oxford University) - Cornell University, American History.

Fulbright-United Airlines Travel Awards: S. Antoine (Birmingham Conservatoire) - Arizona State University, Violin; A. Beckett (Oxford Un iversity) - University of California, Berkeley, Journalism; K. Daubney (Leeds University) - U Mass at Amherst, Music in Film; Z. Fairbairn (Leeds University) - University of Illinois, Music; A. King (Birmingham University) - Univ ersity of Kansas, Conducting; M. McGuinness (Exeter University) - Louisiana State Univers ity, English Literature; J. Masters (Exeter Univ ersity) - William and Mary College, Virginia, History; C. O'Sullivan (Oxford University) - University of California at Berkeley, English Language and Literature; A. Perrett (Cambridge University) - Wharton School, Univers ity of Pennsylvania, History; L. Walker (Oxford University) - New York University, Film.