Games of Thrones star Sophie Turner: ‘Justin Bieber is the King Joffrey of our time’

Has the actress, who plays Sansa Stark in the HBO series, got this comparison spot on?

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There are many things one could compare Justin Bieber to.

But few so accurate as what Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner labelled the snarky teen star as.

Speaking the Sunday Times about the similarities she has to her own character Sansa Stark, she said:

“I've been told by other cast members that I'm a lot like her.

“Maybe when I first joined the show. I was only 13, I was one of those girls that read OK! 12 times a week, and I was all 'Ooh, Justin Bieber' - who is the Joffrey Baratheon of our time.”

She is perhaps making reference to the creation of a famed ‘Joffrey Bieber’ meme Tumblr, which compared the likeness of the troubled “Baby” hitmaker to Jack Gleeson’s portrayal of the spiteful young King (see what he really looks like in the gallery below).



The blog, which is headlined “Where fiction's biggest brat and real life's biggest brat become one!”  features several Photoshopped images, in which King Joffrey’s face was replaced by Bieber’s.

Meanwhile, fans of Game of Thrones can see Joffrey in action once more when the fourth season of the HBO series arrives in the US on 6 April and in the UK on Sky Atlantic on 7 April.