Gary Busey brands White Dee a 'liar' for claiming he 'exposed himself' to 'young girls' in the Celebrity Big Brother house

'I pulled my trousers down to put on a kneepad,' the actor offered by way of explanation

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Gary Busey was all heart and kind words when asked to discuss his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house following his win on Friday (12 September).

But the actor’s good mood appears to have soured, after he learned that Benefits Street star Deirdre ‘White Dee’ Kelly had told a Daily Star reporter he had purposefully “exposed himself” to “a lot of other young girls and some of the lads in the house”.

Lauren Goodger, a fellow housemate famed for her appearance in The Only Way Is Essex, supported Dee’s claims.

“Dee is a liar,” he told the Star in response to the incident, which apparently occurred last week in the CBB kitchen. “I didn’t expose myself to her. 

“I sat on a stool and she came in the door and screamed.”

“I pulled down my trousers to put in a knee pad,” he offered by way of explanation as to why his trousers where flying half-mast in the communal area in the first place.

And the recollection of the apparent event seemed to turn his attention towards other negative aspects of his time inside. He went on to label housemates James Jordan and George Gilbey “rude” and said the only person he’d be keeping in touch with would be former Olympic boxer Audley Harrison.


“The others were abstract friends. I pray they can find their own maturity to find out there is more in the world than their opinions.”

Earlier on in his CBB career, Busey declared to housemates that he frequently channelled the ghost of late Point Break co-star Patrick Swayze.

“He came through me the other day...Patrick Swayze's spirit came right through me...,” he said, leaving his fellow housemates bemused.

“And my father's spirit came right through me. I've been to the other side, after my death after brain surgery... So I have a connection to that spiritual world.”