Gawker publishes Donald Trump's mobile number – and tells readers to ask him about his 'important ideas'

Trump gave out his rival Senator Lindsey Graham’s number during a rally

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Gawker has published a mobile number belonging to Donald Trump after the Republican hopeful gave out his rival’s number to a press conference during his eventful campaign tour.

Trump read out Senator Lindsey Graham’s number twice during a rally in Graham's home state, a day after the Senator called Trump a “jackass” for his questioning of Senator John McCain’s war hero status.

Graham subsequently received a barrage of messages and destroyed his phone for a parody video.

On Wednesday, Gawker inflicted retribution upon Trump with a post, which was also shared by Jezebel, advising its readers to call and ask him a number of topical questions, such as: “Does he still think Mexicans are out to rape you? Speaking of rape, does he think it’s possible to rape your own wife? Just how much did he exaggerate his net worth to hit the $10 billion figure? What about breast milk does he find so disgusting? Which cabinet position would he give Sarah Palin?”

Trump, who continues to lead ahead of his GOP rivals despite his numerous controversies, appeared unfazed by having his number shared with thousands of people.

A spokesperson from the campaign told The Independent the number was “very old” and not one that he currently uses.

“Mr. Trump has several numbers so he has not experienced any issues,“ the spokesperson said.