Gordon Ramsay’s hair nightmare: How the star chef’s questionable new ‘do obscured Victoria Beckham’s entire 40th birthday party

Even Harry Styles' new 'do was overlooked, as Ramsay's attention-grabbing follicles went on a seeming tabloid rampage

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After weeks of hype, various ‘Style Evolution’ type features and murky looks back over a career that started in bubble gum Nineties pop and is now at the forefront of women’s fashion, Victoria Beckham finally celebrated her 40th birthday in London.

She chose a classy enough venue – The Arts Club on Dover Street in Mayfair – to host the star-studded event, which was attended by family, friends and staggering members of the entertainment world’s elite (if you can call Chris Martin that).

It was poised and ready to take the tabloids by storm – further powering the seemingly inexhaustible ‘Brand Beckham’ publicity wheel and catapulting the family ‘wot done good’ back into the headlines.

And all would have gone to plan, too, had Gordon Ramsay’s new hair not turned up and obscured the entire thing.

The star chef took a break from shouting at people who can’t cut vegetables properly to debut a haircut with a life of its own – part breathing toupee, part undercut, finished off, say The Mail, with “a fibrous spray to give the illusion of hair density”.

They went on to speculate all sorts of things about hairline treatments and hair loss and the like, almost as if they hadn’t noticed that whoever had cut the thing in the first place must have used a) a bowl and b) a cruel sense of humour to have ever conceived the idea of creating such a style in the first place.

Wife Tana turns the other cheek as Ramsay's 'do laps up the attention.

Needless to say, it was one of the only things that the paps were interested in snapping that evening, and promptly made it into Twitterfeeds the world over as a result.

Spiky but sedate: Ramsay's style used to let him do the talking.

They almost entirely missed all the other guests who arrived, jostling for attention, but falling too far short of Ramsay’s follicles to get a look in. Find out who they were above… And then take another look at Gordon Ramsay’s hair. It really is something quite special.

It even trumped the hype around Harry Styles’ new hair, debuted in Brazil and born out of sheer humidity. No mean feat. Or hair:


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