Gotye hopes to run for office: The singer forms a political 'Rock 'n' Roll' party

Tony Abbott should watch his back

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In what is perhaps one of the more surprising stories in recent political news, Gotye is forming a political party with his band, The Basics, and has aspirations to run for office in November’s Victorian state election.

The leading members – who hail from Melbourne - comprise Wally De Backer, Kris Schroeder and Tim Heath.

“Politics in this country is treated like it belongs to the elite,” said Schroeder.

“We have these career politicians who often come from well-to-do families... and they are groomed into becoming these lifelong politicians that have no other life experience outside of either being in the young Liberals or young Labor, and becoming a member of parliament.”

Their core values are rooted within innovation, education and rock’n’roll, with objectives such improving Indigenous local learning in Victorian schools, implementing mandatory first-aid training in high schools and offering more access to music in rural areas.

So far, campaigning has taken place on the band’s Facebook page.

“We’re interested in giving an equal opportunity to all as far as access to music is concerned, and I guess that’s across the board what we’re really interested in,” said Schroeder.

The party needs 500 members registered with the Victorian Electoral Commission to be eligible for the election. The band has been campaigning via its Facebook page.

“A lot of the issues we’re discussing are really federal issues, I can see that being an arena for the future,” he said.