Are you a Great Briton? Follow in the footsteps of teenage wakeboarding champion Victoria Young

Not only was she the first British female to represent her country at an international Wakeboarding event she has her sights set on becoming World Champion
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The Olympic and Paralympic Games are a chance for sportsmen and women with incredible talent to perform at their best when the world’s spotlight is on them. Inspired by these feats of sporting excellence, British Airways, the official airline partner of The London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, has launched a competition for Great Britons, designed to find and reward UK residents who are the best in their field, whatever that field is.

One of the winners is teenage Wakeboarding sensation Victoria Young. Young, who is just 17, was the first British female to represent Britain at an international Wakeboarding event and is currently ranked third in the world.

Not content with such a fantastic achievement at such a young age, Young has set her sights on climbing through the Wakeboarding rankings and becoming World Champion. This drive to reach the top marked her out as special to the Great Britons judges, while her dedication to and passion for her sport earned her winning votes.

Part of Victoria’s prize is free flights to British Airways destinations. “The flights will give me a really good opportunity to train abroad during the winter months and travel to the many competitions that I take part in, including the European

Championships,” she says. “They will also give me the same time on the water as the American and Australian girls I compete against.”

And that’s what the Great Britons scheme is all about – helping homegrown talent compete on a level footing with the brightest and best in the world.

Seize the opportunity to show us you’re the best. Great Britons: The search is on

Are you a Great Briton? Are you determined, competitive and courageous enough to follow your dreams? If you have a burning desire to visit a place that could advance your career, this could be your chance to get there.

British Airways is looking for talented individuals and groups who epitomise the values of The Olympic and Paralympic Games and who strive to be the best, whether their passion is sport, music, fashion, performing arts, art and design, innovation, or their community.

The Great Britons competition is open to British passport holders aged 16 and over and resident in the UK, who need support to develop their talent in their chosen field, whatever that field is. The winners get free flights to British Airways destinations and use of BA’s luxury Executive Club lounges, plus a winner’s pack, which includes a camcorder for recording their amazing journey.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Great Briton, tell us your story and apply now at