Happy Mondays star Bez to stage John Lennon-style bed-in protest against fracking

The Happy Mondays star is going to bed for a week with his girlfriend

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Bez and his girlfriend Firouzeh Razavi are to protest against the government's fracking plans by staging a week-long bed-in.

In a move that emulates John Lennon and Yoko Ono's bed protests in 1969 against the Vietnam War, Bez wants to draw attention to the dangers of "undemocratic" fracking.

Bez and Razavi will take up a week-long residence at the Montcalm at the Brewery in London.

He said: "Where John Lennon and Yoko Ono holed up for a week in the Presidential Suite at the Hilton Hotel Amsterdam in Manhattan for their 'Bed-in for Peace' on March 25, 1969, Firouzeh and I are compelled to do our 'Bed-in Against Fracking' which has been thrust upon us all undemocratically.


"No one in Britain wants fracking. But the government is, against the will of the people, trying to force it upon us all. And we're not having it."

Fracking, which is to go ahead despite public protest, is controversial because of the potential health risks. Fracking releases gas from underground shale rock and can cause groundwater contamination.

Breast Cancer UK has concerns about the potentially adverse health effects of increased exposure to harmful chemicals that may occur as a result of fracking.

This isn't Bez's first brush with poltics. Earlier this year, he launched his Reality Party but he forget to register the new group with the Electoral Commission.

The regulator wrote to Bez several times warning him that The Reality Party would be removed from the register because it sounded like The Realists’ Party, falling foul of Commission rules not to have two parties similarly named which might cause confusion among the electorate.