Harriet Harman denies telling Labour councillor Karen Danczuk she's 'too pretty' for politics and 'should be in Girls Aloud'

The claims come in the same week the deputy Labour leader launched a pink battle bus to attract female voters

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Harriet Harman called Labour councillor Karen Danczuk’s claims that she was was “far too pretty to be interested in politics” and should instead join a girl band “inconceivable”.

“I deny I ever said that and it’s inconceivable I would have ever said that,” the deputy Labour leader said in a statement to The Independent.

“I have always believed it’s what you do in politics, not what you look like. I have never discouraged a woman from getting involved in politics on the basis of their looks.”

Danczuk claimed that Harman made the remarks when the pair were introduced for the first time.


The councillor, who is married to Labour MP Simon Danczuk, initially made the claim with regards to the questionable launch of Harman’s pink battle bus this week.

Harriet Harman, the deputy Labour leader, said she thought the bus was ‘very eye-catching’

The vehicle, intended to drum up female support for the party ahead of the general election in May, was criticised.


Danczuk tweeted: “What women voters want from politicians is their concerns heard in a serious manner. Not a patronising pink bus screaming drama queen!"

She later posted:

“It was at a conference in Manchester,” she told the MailOnline of the meeting. “I wanted a photo with her and she said, 'You're far too pretty to be in politics'. I suppose I've proved her wrong - I did go on to be a councillor.”