Harrison Ford plane crash audio: The terrifying moment he realised he was going to crash – and the cool response that saved his life

The actor executed  'beautiful' crash landing in the middle of a golf course

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News that Harrison Ford had been pulled, bloodied and shaken, from the wreckage of his Second World War-era plane on Thursday sparked a wave of concern from Star Wars fans.

The actor crash landed in the middle of a golf course in California and was quickly taken to hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Luckily, thanks to the 72-year-old’s quick thinking when his engine had failed, they were non-life-threatening.

An airplane sits after crash landing at Penmar Golf Course in Venice California

Officials work on the scene at Penmar Golf Course

“I would say that this is an absolutely beautifully executed - what we would call - a forced or emergency landing, by an unbelievably well-trained pilot,” Christian Fry, of the Santa Monica Airport Association, said of Ford’s calm and collected response to the alarming incident.

Now, audio of his reaction to the terrifying event has been released.

The actor can be heard coolly explaining the engine failure to Air Traffic Control. Shortly afterwards, the controllers detail the crash, noting that Ford, a lone pilot, had avoided nearby homes and people to make the emergency landing in the middle of the recreation ground.

Video footage of the crash has also emerged:

His son, Ben Ford, later described his condition as “battered but ok”. He labelled his father an “incredibly strong man” who is “every bit the man you would think he is”.

Ford's publicist, Ina Treciokas, said he had no choice but to make an emergency landing. She said his injuries “are not life threatening and he is expected to make a full recovery”.


It was the latest and most serious in a series of close calls for the actor.

After getting his pilot's license in the Nineties, Ford’s daring exploits include rescuing a missing 13-year-old boy scout with his helicopter in 2001 and airlifting a trapped mountain climber in Wyoming to safety the year before.