Henry Cavill says women exhibit 'double standards' with street propositions and catcalling

'I do think there’s a bit of a double standard you know'

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Catcalling, wolfwhistling and sexual harassment might be a problem predominantly endured by women, but the Superman actor Henry Cavill has claimed he too is subject to abuse.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the 32-year-old English actor claimed women exhibit “double standards” when it comes to catcalling.

“I do think there’s a bit of a double standard, you know.

“I mean, if a girl shouts something like ‘Oi, love, fancy a shag?’ to me as I walk past I do sometimes wonder how she’d feel if a builder said that to her. Although, of course, I wouldn’t feel physically threatened, as she might.”

According to research carried out last summer by Hollaback charity and Cornell University with more than 16,000 women from around the world, 84 per cent of women are harassed on the street before they reach 17. 

In the UK, 90 per cent of women say they have been harassed on the street before they hit 17.

Cavill said that, on the whole, he doesn’t mind being propositioned by women on street - unless he is with his girlfriend Tara King - in which case it's deeply disrespectful. 

“I've heard some things. I don't mind it, unless I'm with my girlfriend and someone is being complimentary to me in order to disrespect her,” he said.