Hugh Hefner dead: Playboy founder makes it to film night despite mortality rumours

A report emerged yesterday alleging the businessman has been found dead

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Hugh Hefner is very much alive, despite a hoax concerning his death.

A fake version of NBC called published a story yesterday which stated that Hefner’s body had been found in the Playboy Mansion. It cited his cause of death of death as natural causes. The story was shared by 273,000 and liked by 77,000.

Instead of being found dead, the businessman was busy watching American Sniper with his family merrily enjoying the festive period.

The Playboy founder, 88, was pictured enjoying a film night with his family last night, and his wife, Crystal Hefner shared the image online. She also tweeted a quote about the importance of truth, which she took from Mark Twain.


So fear not world, Hefner’s dinosaur-like vision of women as dehumanised sex objects will reign on.