Hugh Jackman supports gender equality as he puts out the rubbish

Australian actor posts images of himself amid New York's snow

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Hugh Jackman might play the superhero but he appears to believe everyone’s the same when it comes to the issue of gender equality.

Or that, at least, is the image he likes to create for himself on social media.

“'I'm for gender equality because it should’ve never been any other way! #LeanInTogether - pass it on,'” the Wolverine actor said in a caption on an Instagram image of him taking out the rubbish.

It's completely possible, of course, that Jackman employs a cleaner who usually takes out the rubbish. But the comments of the actor, who has been married to Deborra-Lee Furness since 1996, received immediate praise on social media.

 “Yes I agree!..Can you run for President of the World!..we need more men like you!,” said one poster.

Another said: “Whoa attractive. I now define attractive men by an equal approach to chores.”

Later in the day Jackman posted another scene of the New York winter. This time lapping at the snow with his tongue.