Ian McKellen helps boyfriend propose to Patrick Stewart fan partner on YouTube

'Think it over, do the right thing,' McKellen tells Khalid Shawwa to camera

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YouTube proposals can go one of two ways.

Either they’re the cheesiest, most cringeworthy public displays of affection known to mankind – probably with some sort of flash-dancing mob involved, almost certainly with a high degree of embarrassment on all sides.

Or they’re as impressive as this video, made by Brett Lotriet Best in order to ask for his partner Khalid Shawwa’s hand in marriage.

Shawwa is a huge Star Trek devotee and an even bigger fan of  Jean-Luc Picard, the Captain of the Next Generation Star Trek Enterprise, played by everyone’s favourite lobster in a bathtub, Sir Patrick Stewart.

Sadly, Brett couldn’t get hold of Stewart. But he did manage to rope in his best friend Sir Ian McKellen to help him do the honours (scroll down to watch the video).


Speaking to the camera, McKellen says: “Khalid, I’ve got bad news for you. Well, good news as well. But Patrick Stewart is married. I married him. Well, no, I was the minister at the wedding. He’s not available. The good news is that Brett is available. So… Think it over, do the right thing.”

The video ends with Brett holding up a card asking for Khalid to marry him. And according to Pink News, Khalid accepted. It would be hard not to, really, wouldn’t it?