Institute of Marine Engineers

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The following have been elected Fellows of the Institute of Marine Engineers:

Mr BJ Black; Mr RM Bradley; Mr Yoo Sang Choo; Mr JS Dhodhi; Mr J. Dunlop; Mr DS Gooder; Mr S. Halim; Lt-Cdr HC Howard RN; Mr R. Ives; Mr MM Reza; Mr AP Roskilly; Mr Kai Sing Sio; Mr C. Socratous; Mr JT Stansfeld; Mr SC Sutton; Commander JA Trewby RN.

Cutlers' Company

The following have been elected Officers of the Worshipful Company of Cutlers for the ensuing year:

Mr PRW Roberts, Master; Mr CVM Latham, Senior Warden; Mr MR Pocock, Junior Warden.