Institute of Mathematics

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Institute of Mathematics

The following have been elected to Fellowship of the and granted Chartered Mathematician status:

Professor Z.U. Ahmad; Mr N. Block; Dr J.S. Bramley; Mr A.A.S. Bryans; Dr N.R. Burke; Dr K. Chen; Dr A. Csenki; Mr M.G.F. Darby; Mr C.N. Dean; Mr J.G. Dowley; Mr D.J. Faulkner; Dr P.L. Galbraith; Mr R.J. Hamilton; Mr T. Harker; Mr R.P. Harrison; Dr B. Hudson; Dr J.M. Hurst; Dr J. Jedwab; Dr M. Kelmanson; Dr C.J. Lawrence; Mr G.D. Little; Mr A.J. Morsley; Dr R.G. Myhill; Mr V.A. Petri; Dr D.J. Ride; Dr A.J. Robins; Dr S.C. Ryrie; Dr H.B. Said; Mr D.S. Smart; Mr A. Stittle; Mr J.M. Thompson; Dr S.P. Townsend; Mr I.E. Warren.