Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

The following have been elected to Fellowship of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. As fellows they are granted Chartered Mathematician Status:

Air Vice Marshal MJ D Brown; Dr JC Carling; Mr C. Christofides; Dr CM Crane; Professor M. Darness; Professor G. Dassios; Dr DR Divall; Dr JP Drummond; Dr P. Fitzpatrick; Mr M. foxton; Dr MJ Giles; Mr SV Guild; Mr SJ Hammarling; Dr DA Hills; Dr CW Lee; Professor TJ Lyons; Mr NJ MacLeod; Mr PM Meadowcroft; Mr SF Mills; Dr LR Neal; Dr RE Overill; Dr MG Roberts; Mr AM Smith; Dr R. Smith; Dr J. Smithers; Mr RA Tebbutt; Mrs CM Tyler; Mr P. Waite; Mr C. Wells; Professor FD Zaman.