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Institute of Physics

The following have been elected Fellows of the Institute of Physics:

Dr Abu Adullah Ziauddin Ahmad, Bangladesh Space Research; Dr Desmond P. Barber, DESY, Hamburg; Dr David R. Brown, British Gas plc; Dr Ian C. Callaghan, Consultant; Dr Ruth H. Fenn, Portsmouth University; Dr William D. Horr, UMIST; Dr Grenville A. Jones, Salford University; Dr James G. Lunney, Trinity College Dublin; Mrs Susan L. Partridge, Institute of Physics; Dr Roger N. Sinclair, AEA Technology; Dr Robert L. Crocker, High Profile Ultrasonics Ltd; Dr John H. Harding, AEA Technology; Professor Ibrahim Othman, Syrian Atomic Energy Commission; Dr David I. Pearson Alcatel-CIT, Annecy, France.

The following are recipients of the Institute of Physics' 1994 Awards:

Glazebrook Medal and Prize: Dr Paul Randall Williams - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Guthrie Medal and Prize: Professor Philip George Burke - Queen's University, Belfast. Charles Vernon Boys Medal and Prize: Professor Wilson Sibbett - St Andrews University. Paul Dirac Medal and Prize: Professor Volker Heine - Cambridge University. Max Born Medal and Prize: Professor Dr Wolfgang Demtroder - Max Planck Institute, Germany. Harrie Massey Medal and Prize: Professor Rodney James Baxter - Cambridge University. Bragg Medal and Prize: Dr Cyril Isenberg - Kent University. Duddell Medal and Prize: Dr Christopher John Stokes Damerell - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Maxwell Medal and Prize: Dr Stephen Mark Barnett - Strathclyde University, Glasgow. Paterson Medal and Prize: Mr Robert William Musk - BT and D Technologies, Ipswich. Rutherford Medal and Prize: Professor James Philip Elliott - Sussex University.