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nstitute of Physics

The following have been elected Fellows of the I:

Dr Darryl Almond, Bath University; Dr Jack Alvarez, Haberdashers' Aske's School, Elstree; Dr Michael Campbell, Glasgow Caledonian University; Dr Philip Campbell, IOP Publishing; Dr Peter Davies, Warwick University; Professor David Delpy, University College London; Professor George Efstathiou, Oxford University; Dr James Gimzewski, IBM Research Division; Mr Francis Goode, Watford College; Mr John Gowar, Bristol University; Dr John Griffith, Birmingham University; Dr Peter King, BP Exploration; Dr David McCartney, BT Laboratories; Dr Robert Newport, University of Kent at Canterbury; Dr Michael Steeden, Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive); Professor Iwan Williams, Queen Mary and Westfield College.