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The Institute of Physics has announced the following elections to the Fellowship of The Institute of Physics:

Professor Dariush Azimi-Garakani, Tehran University of Medical Sciences; Dr G. John Butterworth, Freelance Consultant (formerly of AEA Fusion); Professor Alan Carrington, Southampton University; Dr Philip R. Clarke, HM Inspectorate (Department of Education); Professor G. Agustin Del Mora, Universidad de Zaragoza; Dr Philip P. Dendy, Cambridge Health Authority; Dr David J. Dunstan, Surrey University; Professor Charles T. Foxon, Nottingham University; Dr Stevenson Fung, University of Hong Kong; Dr Karl A. Gehring, Consultant (formerly of GEC Hirst Research Centre).

Mr David IH James, Rapra Technology Ltd; Dr Paul H. Kaye, Hertfordshire University; Mr Martin H. Laight, WH Beck, Greener & Co; Dr John C. MacFarlane, Strathclyde University; Dr Stephen W. McKeever, Oklahoma State University; Dr James R. Milford, Reading University; Dr David Nicholas, Norwich Health Authority; Dr Kevin D. O'Grady, University College of North Wales; Dr Kevin J. Roberts, Strathclyde University; Professor Michael A. Smith, Leeds University; Dr David H. Twiss, Wolverhampton Health Authority; Dr Reginald J. Uncles, National Environmental Research Council; Dr John R. Waldram, Cambridge University; Professor K. Warwick, Reading University; Dr Peter M. Williams, Oxford Instruments Group plc.