Introducing The Frews (Future News)

The headlines highly unlikely to find their way to a newsstand near you in 2015

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There have been some truly spectacular events in the world of People News in 2014.

This year will forever go down in history as the time Courtney Love claimed she found the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

It was the year politics was reduced to watching Nigel Farage and Russell Brand play the exuberant Punch and Judy of the far left and right, all rubber faces and quirky mannerisms and lots of words that sound like everything but actually mean very little, instilling a heightened state of vote-dividing confusion within the British public.


It was the crazy 365 days that Tony Blair was honoured not only with a Philanthropist of the Year award, but a Gay Icon and a Global Development prize, too.

And who could forget the morose and disturbing week it was revealed that Gary Barlow – he of Jubilee-organising, national treasure, Take That fame – had unwittingly avoided thousands of pounds in tax payments. His apology? A tweet swiftly followed by a promotion for his new album.

So what fine headlines would we wish to see clogging up our social media feeds and newsstands in 2015?

In all honestly, probably none of the not impossible but not incredibly likely ones we’ve included in the gallery above.

But if there is any justice in the world, we truly hope at least some of these “predictions” will come true.

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