Is Katie Hopkins the most-hated woman in Britain? Not according to the public

Video: The British public call the TV personality 'humanity personified'

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Did you spot it? This story was an April Fool. Hope you enjoyed it.

Members of the public were actually describing Mother Theresa. To hear what the public really thinks about Katie Hopkins, watch the second video below.

She has offended children called Tyler and Chardonnay, Scottish people, individuals suffering from depression and Coleen Nolan. On the face of it, Katie Hopkins would appear to be the most hated woman in the United Kingdom.

Yet when The Independent decided to get the public's overriding verdict on Hopkins - the former The Apprentice star who was reported to police this week for alleged racist remarks - it turned out most people think the notorious commentator actually gets a bad reputation.

"Saintly", "courageous" and "heroic" are just some of the words used to describe Hopkins, apparently now one of the best-loved figures across the land. One particularly enamoured woman said she was "humanity personified".

Video: Public wax lyrical about Hopkins?

It seems most agree with Hopkins when she says that she is acting as a mouthpiece for those too afraid to say what needs to be said.

Video: What the public really think about Hopkins