Tom Bradby dives in to sea to save 'suicidal' man who drove car off harbour in Greece

Bradby claims police did nothing as he tried to free the elderly man from a sinking car

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The ITV presenter Tom Bradby has described the moment he dived into the sea in a desperate attempt to save a man who drove his car off a harbour wall in Greece, while police allegedly did nothing to rescue him.

Bradby claimed that out of nine or 10 custom officials and police present at the port of Rafina, only one jumped into the water to try and free the elderly man from the car as it sank. Bradby said he was left “shaking with shock and anger” by the tragic incident in a series of tweets on Sunday.

Dozens of people hailed him a hero on Twitter and sent messages of support and sympathy over the "heartbreaking" incident.

Greek police have not yet commented on the man's death. Bradby did not immediately respond to a request for comment.