Ja Rule furious with Wikipedia for missing three inches off his height: ‘I’m 5’9 not 5’6!'

The rapper demanded someone fix the entry for him 

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Ja Rule does not appreciate it when his height is apparently misreported.

The rapper took to Twitter to vent over an entry that dared to describe him as 5ft6 tall, by asking how the crowd funded, collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia could afford to stay in business with such “inaccurate” entries.

His posts suggested the rapper did not quite understand how Wikipedia, which allows users to create and edit entries, works.

Despite fans informing him that he could change his height himself, he then demanded someone fix the entry by changing his height to 5.9.

Rule also shared his mug shot in another attempt to prove he wasn't 5'6. He will probably be less than pleased with a 5’7 Time journalist’s claim that she met the rapper last year - and he was definitely smaller than her.