Jack Whitehall says Andy Murray has asked him to stop tweeting his mum

Whitehall says he was impressed with Judy's cha-cha-cha on Strictly

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Jack Whitehall has spoken out about his blossoming friendship with Judy Murray, and says he can’t help talking to her, even if her son Andy finds it uncomfortable.

The comedian told The Sun that while he was filming a sketch for Unicef with the tennis player, the subject of his new friendship came up, and Murray wasn't a huge fan.

“Despite what some people think, [Andy] has a great sense of humour. He pulled me aside at the end of filming and said, 'You need to stop tweeting my mother’,” Whitehall revealled.

“I respect his request, but there's nothing I can do if she tweets me.”

He added that he got in hot water with Judy when he was tweeting his excitement over the new Strictly line-up. After he claimed Ainsley Harriott would be the ‘best contestant ever’, Judy got in touch to remind him where his loyalties should lie.

“I’m sorry, Andy, I couldn’t bear to see her unhappy. I had to respond. I withdrew my comment and stated Ainsley would be the second-best contestant ever,” he said.

“And it’s true — no one will ever eclipse Judy’s cha cha cha.”

Whitehall and Murray joined forces with Clare Balding and One Direction’s Liam Payne for the Unicef video, which sees Murray trying to turn the other three into tennis champions. Whitehall admits in the video he’s only doing it to try and audition for One Direction.

The sketch is part of Unicef’s Children In Danger Summer Disease Appeal, which aims to help provide vaccinations to children in remote countries.