Jaden Smith showing signs of self-awareness on Twitter

The joke might end here, folks

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Science still hasn't discovered the smallest particles that make up reality. You know, the ones that serve as portals to other universes, vibrate at a higher frequency than our own and are not visible to us but are connected to and directly affect our third dimensional reality.

This much we know to be true thanks to the Twitter accounts of Jaden and Willow Smith, though now everything I thought I knew about astronomy and metaphysics has been thrown into question by these latest tweets:

Has it all just been a big con? Is Jaden Smith in fact a supremely talented comedian and expert in the art of self-parody? Or maybe he just has an assistant with some kind of algorithm or random sentence generator that collides words like 'inter-dimensional' and 'harmony' to create high retweet-count tweets?

I'm worried, I was really enjoying his feed but now I don't know what to think.

Look, here he is at it again:

Aaaaagh. Will 'The Head Of The Sphinx Fall Off In The Near Future'? Are haters really 'Just Pre Creators Who Need The Seed Of Greatness'?

Watch this space.



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*Prayer hands emoji*