James May gives a Shepherd's pie masterclass as he continues to struggle with Top Gear unemployment

The former BBC presenter appears to be giving Jamie Oliver a lethargic run for his money in his Unemployment Tube series

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Those wondering how James May is coping with life after Top Gear – and without any sort of production budget whatsoever – wonder no more.

The former BBC presenter appears to be giving Jamie Oliver a lethargic run for his money in a badly lit new YouTube cookery episode that sees him give a “masterclass” in making a Shepherd’s pie.

“You join me in the emergency kitchen, or 'kitchenette' if you like, of my workshop area,” he begins, following an ‘awkward uncle at a wedding’ “Yo bros and sisters” intro.

“If nothing else, this video will show to you just how important proper directors and proper editors are in the world of television. Sorry the lighting is poor and all of the rest of it.”

The four-part recipe upload - which talks viewers through “ingredients, prep and kit”, “cooking onions and chilli”, “browning meat, adding Indian spice” and “not sure” - serves as the latest instalment of May’s Unemployment Tube series.

The activity of choice was originally selected by his followers on Twitter last week, who were given a list of four equally mundane scenarios they could watch a jobless May do around the house that weekend:

His very first video showed him tackle "Greensleaves" on his recorder while struggling with a hangover – a popular piece that has thus far notched up over half-a-million views. May’s upload comes as his image, alongside that of Clarkson and Hammond’s, were removed from the Top Gear masthead on the show’s website.

The trio will still present a live world tour next month, but it will be stripped of all BBC branding and hosted under the name Clarkson, Hammond and May Live.

Clarkson was sacked after an internal inquiry concluded he had assaulted a show producer following a “fracas” over catering arrangements.


So expect to see May taking on the monumental task of producing the perfect steak in an emergency kitchenette soon.