Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day song: 'I kind of didn't want to be in it because I didn't want it to be naff'

The chef was talking about his latest healthy-eating initiative and viral video

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It's been described as "triggering,", "horrifying" and that it "makes Band Aid sound like Tosca".

But Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day song, which aims to draw attention to the lack of food education available to children, isn't going away any time soon.

Oliver has been promoting the song as part of Food Revolution Day, and told LBC Radio about the creative process - saying specifically that he didn't want the song to be "naff".

The chef open the song with the lyrics: "My name is Jamie Oliver and I'm here to say." He also plays the drums.

When asked how long his rap took to record, Oliver joked: "An hour and a half? I'm not a singer and I'm certainly not a rapper.

"The chorus is really catchy, and the others did an incredible job. I almost didn't want to be in it, because I didn't want it to be naff, but I kind of had to do it."

He also explained the creative process behind the song, telling how it came to pass that Ed Sheeren, Jazzie B, Professor Green, Paul McCartney and Jamie Cullum came to collaborate on a song with Alesha Dixon and the refrain "we need to feed the kids right through their stomachs and their minds".


Oliver said: "I kind of ranted at Ed, he turned it into a song. He gave it a riff and a structure and a shopping list of jobs to be done. Paul McCartney was the first to jump on, and I hit up Jazzie B from Soul II Soul.

"Hugh Jackman was filming at Pinewood [Studios] and I really wanted to get him in, 'cause he'd just done a bit of singing on the last film he did. Alesha Dixon representing the girls.

"Then I wanted to take it a bit more urban with George the Poet and Professor Green, so it's a catchy little tune."

"It's basically a viral video... it's really about pointing people to the petition. We worked with the London Youth Choir so it kind of makes you feel a bit goosey at the end.


He added that his collaborators were: "Proud to be in it because it's important stuff."

During the interview, Oliver also said he's vegetarian for two of three days every week.

"I've been studying nutrition for the last year, and doing a diploma and starting a degree next, and it's really helped but some structure around what I already knew, and it's been really inspiring."

He said he'd "I've never eaten [Quorn] in my life" but added: "The data on vegan and vegetarian diets is looking really good in terms of longevity."

Anyway, it's not the first time Oliver has favoured us with his musical stylings.