Jason Manford criticises David Cameron for 'failing' the NHS

The comedian posted a series of annoyed posts on Twitter

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Jason Manford has criticised Prime Minister David Cameron for "failing" the NHS, following a long wait at a hospital today.

The comedian took to Twitter to voice his disgust over the situation at NHS Trafford General Hospital, which he said incorrectly painted the image that it was the staff at fault – rather than the Government.

He posted a series of tweets that read:

Trafford was the first NHS hospital, from where the health service was launched in 1948. However, in July 2013 Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that its A&E department was to close.

Following Manford’s tweets the Mirror ran a poll that asked readers: "Has David Cameron failed the NHS?" Presently, 96 per cent of people agree that the Prime Minister has let down the NHS, while just 4 per cent disagree with Manford.

One Twitter user addressed Manford: "You seem surprised that a service that is free at the point of use is busy at holiday time. Imagine the queue for free burgers."

To which Manford replied: "It's not free and it was a 9am appointment three hours late! I wasn't sat in A&E, it was an appointment."

Another user pointed out that Cameron could not be held solely responsible for a decades-old system: "NHS has been badly run for decades; it's not down to one politician or political party."

Manford replied: "Agreed but he's the one in charge now and able to sort."

His frustration as it was revealed that more than 300 operations a day were cancelled across the NHS in the run-up to Christmas, due to a critical shortage of hospital beds.

Surgeons were forced to postpone planned procedures 3,113 times in the first two weeks of December, which averages out to 311 per working day, The Sunday Times reported.