Jeb Bush admits smoking weed in high school at GOP debate... then apologises to his mother

The 62-year-old made the admission during a discussion about the legalisation of cannabis during the GOP debate

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Jeb Bush has admitted during a televised debate to smoking weed as a young man - before offering a public apology to his mother.

The former Governor of Florida made the admission before a estimated TV audience of 25 million people watching the would-be Republican presidential candidates do battle.

"40 years ago I smoked marijuana," he said.

Moments later the below message appeared on the 62-year-old’s twitter account:

Given that the tweet was posted during the debate, we can assume it was Mr Bush’s social media team who hastily ensured the former First Lady of the United States, Barbara Bush, received an apology.

The admission from the former Governor of Florida came after fellow Republican candidate Senator Rand Paul hinted someone sharing the stage with him “smoked pot in high school”.

Mr Bush said: “I admit it. I’m sure that other people might have done it and may not want to say it in front of 25 million people. My mom’s not happy that I just did.”


Fellow candidate, Carly Fiorina also apologised to Mrs Bush, after arguing more investment was needed for the treatment of drugs.

“The marijuana that kids are smoking today is not the same as the marijuana that Jeb Bush smoked 40 years ago,” she said.


The candidates were answering whether they would “enforce federal laws against marijuana”. Both Mr Bush and Mr Paul signalled that it was up to each state to decided on marijuana legislation.

However, Mr Paul said Mr Bush was hypocritical for smoking the drug when younger and then “campaigning against medical marijuana”.

Mr Bush denied objecting to cannabis as a medicine, but said he voted against a bill with a “huge loophole” when it opened up to the ballot.

Earlier this year, the Boston Globe quoted classmates of the brother of former President George W Bush, alleging that he “smoked a notable amount of pot” while studying there.