Signe Toly Anderson dead: Jefferson Airplane's original female vocalist dies

Anderson was most well known for her performance on the song 'Chaffeur Blues'

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Signe Toly Anderson, the first female vocalist with the iconic sixties band Jefferson Airplane, has died aged 74.

Her death, on 28 January, came on the same day as the death of the band's frontman Paul Kanter.  

Anderson, of Portland, joined the band in 1965. 

Her best-known song was 'Chauffeur Blues', which appeared on the album 'Jefferson Airplane Takes Off' in 1966.  However, she left the band in the same year after becoming a mother. 

She was succeeded by Grace Slick, who sang 'White Rabbit.'  

Founding member of Jefferson Airplane Jorma Kaukonen wrote on his blog: 

"Signe was one of the strongest people I have ever met. She was our den mother in the early days of the Airplane… a voice of reason on more occasions than one… an important member of our dysfunctional little family. I always looked forward to seeing her when we played the Aladdin in Portland. She never complained and was always a joy."

"Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest sister…You will always live in my heart…Now we are four…We can be together… always…We will always remember her…"

Marty Balin, lead vocalist of Jefferson Airplane also referred to Kantner in his tribute: 

"One sweet Lady has passed on. I imagine that she and Paul woke up in heaven and said 'Hey what are you doing here? Let's start a band' and no sooner then said Spencer was there joining in! Heartfelt thoughts to all their family and loved ones."