Jennifer Garner comes up with interesting response to being followed by paparazzi: 'I'm dating Brad Pitt'

The actress gave the camerman exactly what he was asking for

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From skulking in bushes to speeding around town on motorbikes in the dead of the night to dressing in disguise, the paparazzi will go to extreme lengths to track down the rich and famous. As is run-of-the-mill if you live in Los Angeles and you are Jennifer Garner, the 44-year-old actress felt the force of the paparazzi while strolling back from the gym.

But rather than shielding her face with an umbrella or lashing out at them, as Kanye West did so famously back in 2013, Garner combated with their line of questioning by shamelessly dangling the bait of a supermarket gossip mag headline in front of their noses. 

After presumably being asked about her love life, as is so commonplace since annoucing her divorce, she did not mention Ben Affleck but instead threw them a red herring and somehow managed to bring Brangelina into it. 

“Brad and I are dating,” she quipped.

“You're dating Brad Pitt?” the cameraman asked.

“Isn’t that great. Yeah!” Garner replied, laughing. The cameraman then jokingly congratulated her on her new relationship.

In case you have been hiding under a rock, Angelina Jolie's lawyer announced the actress had filed for divorce from Pitt two weeks ago. To the delight of some and the rage of others, the story dominated news outlets, with everyone from the Dalai Lama to Adele having their say on the demise of Brangelina.


Jolie requested physical custody and joint legal custody of their six children and asked for Pitt to be granted visitation rights. Hollywood’s golden couple has six children together. The pair officially got together in 2006 after appearing on Mr and Mrs Smith together and then married at Chateau Miraval in the French village of Correns in 2014.